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Miss. Poonam Sharma

Principal GNF

I welcome you all very heartily. The present progress of the school in fact the manifestation of the trust, co-operation, satisfaction and affection of all the esteemed parents concerned; performance and achievements of our students and the team of dedicated, devoted teachers and the creative and innovative management.

In the modern times, it is exceedingly important for a child to be articulate and eloquent in his expression. In the school all the learning sessions will be interactive thus the child will become expressive. He or She will overcome all his or her inhibitions.

Apart from that lot many achievements will be conducted in this school to enable the child to show his or her perceptions with individual or with a group. Every child at GNF will groomed in a manner that he or she acquires a leadership position therefore  he or she  will be creative thinker, keen learner, eloquent orator, curious seeker and passionate performer.

At GNF, while educating brains we do not neglect to educate hearts. Children are taught to do something every day that will inch them closer to better tomorrow.